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Dirty Return of Catering Equipment

Return Your Catering Equipment Dirty Service

Dirty return means exactly that.  You return our equipment back to Adams Catering Hire dirty.

Our most popular direty return service is to drop off equipment on a Friday then we collect everything after the weekend event on a Monday.

All we ask is that all food is removed from the plates and liquids emptied from the glasses before collection and placed back into the crates provided.

This also makes sure that when we collect and possibly bring through your house none of the debris falls onto your floors causing a mess.

Return Dirty Plates Party Hire Catering Equipment North London, Essex, Private Hire Catering Equipment, Loughton, EnfieldHow much does dirty return of catering equipment cost?

We charge 20% of the cost of the hire but only on china, glass and cutlery, everything else does not get charged and you don’t have to clean them.

Do I have to use the dirty return service?  The answer is NO – it is your decision.

Reasons to have the dirty return service

  1. You can enjoy your party – and the day after without having to wash up.
  2. No getting your plates mixed with ours and sent back by mistake or leaving one of ours in your dishwasher.

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