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Catering Equipment Suppliers – Why Choose Adams?

Catering Equipment Suppliers – Why Choose Adams?

Are you looking for catering equipment suppliers? If so, you may want to consider Adams – we offer a number of key services that could benefit you, as we discuss further below.

At Adams we pride ourselves on providing the best customer service of any provider within the industry. From our speed of response, accuracy of communication, product knowledge and ability to help your event go smoothly.

Wide Choice

We believe that catering equipment suppliers should be able to deliver for a range or different events. For this reason we stock a great selection of catering equipment. This includes classy cutlery, finest china and practical chairs. So whether you are hosting a conference, a ceremony or a celebration, our superb choice of equipment means that you can find exactly what you need with us.

Return Dirty

While hosting an event can be something that offers you great satisfaction, the clean up afterwards is not always quite so enjoyable and can require serious man power to carry out. With Adams you need not worry about this aspect of the event. As passionate catering equipment suppliers, it is our pleasure to offer a return dirty service, ensuring that you can concentrate fully on hosting your event rather than worrying about all the washing up that will need doing after it.

Extensive Experience

With more than 30 years of catering experience, we have built up a veritable wealth of knowledge in the industry. It is knowledge and experience that we are always keen to share with our clients, whether it’s in the form of a few tips or structured consultancy and guidance. If you have a question, feel free to ask us and we will do our very best to help.


While a website is a great place to start when picking the perfect equipment for your event, we strongly believe that it is important to see the goods in the flesh before making your final decision. Our showroom gives our customers the chance to do just that. The facility houses a huge range of product lines and is open to visitors Monday to Friday, 9am until 4pm.

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