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Meghan And Harry’s Wedding Day

Meghan and Harry’s Wedding Day

Well, the day is nearly here for the wedding that everyone wants to see. Windsor will be buzzing, the paparazzi out in force and dress factories ready to copy the design of the dress from the moment we all see it.

From ‘Whats the wedding dress like? to the flowers but whatever your preferences it will be a superb affair. Will she go traditional or opt for a more modern design? Being a thoroughly independant woman I think it would be a bit of her own mind with a bit of tradition thrown in to keep all the Royals happy.

Are you getting married on the 19th May?

Then you share your special day with many other happy couples but not least Meghan & Harry. But all weddings are special and none more than your own. From the dress you choose, the flowers, the venue and not least your guests, it is a Day to Remember forever. Which is what makes the mode of photographer you choose so important. Whether you go for a professional photographer to capture all those little moments or go for friends and family shots that you can edit and choose from for a more informal approach (and saves some money).

Celebrating in Style

Are you thinking of having your own personal celebration at home to watch the TV coverage? Then what about hiring in some extra champagne glasses in to toast the happy couple? Adams Catering Hire has various styles of champagne glasses from flutes to saucers for hire to help the day go smoothly.

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