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How To Host The Perfect Afternoon Tea Party

How to host the perfect afternoon tea party

What are the 3 elements of a GOOD afternoon tea party?

Well, of course it has to be the quality of the tea first.  So, select a good quality organic tea and make sure you freshly boil the water as this does make a difference and let them brew for a while in a warm tea pot. But, what is the difference between a tea and a coffee pot? Well, its normally the shape and the length of the spout. Tea pots are more rounded with a short spout, to allow the tea to be hot when pouring into the cup. Coffee pots are slender with longer spouts to cool the coffee down when pouring.

rounded china tea pot
tea pot

Then it has to be the sandwiches

Traditionally it would be thin sliced white bread, place each slice between greaseproof paper and roll until even thinner. Fillings such as thin slices of cucumber with the peel off and cut into halves or smoked salmon, lemon and cracked black pepper were the norm. But now its up to you, whether you choose all veggie options such as chargrilled aubergine with some horseradish or roast beef and mustard. But they should always have the crusts off and cut into rectangles.

And don’t forget the CAKE

Scones with clotted cream and strawberry jam, light and spongy victoria sponge, battenburg – what will you choose?

afternoon tea party
afternoon tea party

And, if you need chairs, tables or china to hire for this event, then please contact us at Adams Catering Hire on 020 8805 4537 and we help with everything you need.

SHOPPING LIST for 20 guests

Just a guide for what you may need as a starter pack.

  1. Oxford tea pot x 3
  2. Oxford tea cup x 20
  3. Oxford Tea saucer x 20
  4. Kings tea spoon x 20
  5. Oxford milk jug x 3
  6. Oxford sugar basin x 2
  7. Oxford 6″ round plate x 20
  8. Kings small knife x 30
  9. Glass cake stand x 2
  10. 3 tier cake stand (for the sandwiches) x 3


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