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What Colour Will You Choose?

What colour will you choose?

There’s colour everywhere, but where do you start when thinking about your colour scheme? It is so easy to get completely confused with the abundance of magazines, websites and Pinterest showing every colour imaginable in a variety of settings. Do you choose one colour throughout, or go all out and choose the colours of the rainbow.

How do you choose?

  • Consider the venue. If the venue is a blank canvas like The Arts Pavilion in Mile End or Studio Spaces in Wapping then you can go whereever you choose, brights or pastels, stripes or classic.
  • Flowers and balloons are a great way of jazzing up the venue, one of our favourite suppliers of balloons and centrepieces is Creative Events and for flowers, well it just has to be Karen Woolven.
  • Use the same theme throughout, incorporate the colours into your invitations and what about setting a dress code for your guests.
  • Remember the photos will be seen for years to come, so when funky and psychedelic was all the rage in the 70’s it now looks so dated.
glass hire and ivory georgian linen hire

Colour scheme now decided

Its time for the china and glass hire.

This is where I think simple is best and where sparkling crystal glass and plain white china give a clean look which is then boosted by the colours of the linen.

So, if you need any extra help or advice on linen or glass hire

Call Ian or any one of the Sales Team on 020 8805 4537

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