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Venue Hire – Dry Hire Or All In?

Venue Hire – Dry Hire or All In?

Found your perfect venue? But what does the price include?

Venue hire costs can be a major part of your budget and can vary enormously, but what are you getting for your money?

This is an important question to ask.

What are my options?

Dry Venue hire

This can vary from site to site but can mean as basic as hiring the 4 walls. You may need to bring in everything from chairs and furniture, to ovens and even toilets. So, whilst the cost of the venue hire may be lower you will need to add the cost of all the extra equipment that you will need to arrange.

But, these venues know this and can help and most have preferred suppliers who they trust and can give you the contact details.

The benefits are that you can have complete control as to how the venue looks, from the colour of the chairs, the style of caterer you use and how the event runs.

The downside is that you either have to co-ordinate this all yourself of get in a party planner to help, but again you can decide how involved they are. From just being there on the day to take control or to be with the from start to the end.

The Royal Exchange venue hire

All Inclusive Venue Hire

Hotels and large banqueting suites often have this option available. You pay a set amount per head and for that they provide everything you need.  They often have more than one package available and you can upgrade to different menus, different decor and music arrangements at an extra cost.

The cost can seem prohibitive, but when you consider that you will just turn up on the day and it will all be ready for you and at the end of the event you can just walk away and leave it to them to clear up.

Some of my favourite venues;

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