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Best Ideas For A Natural And Eco Friendly Wedding

Best Ideas for a Natural and Eco Friendly Wedding

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Organising an Eco Friendly Wedding

Depending on the scale and theme of your wedding, decorations are one of the biggest things on the to-do list. Pinterest gives us loads of inspiration for wedding styles, but with so much choice – what do you choose?

So why not think green?

Not just for the eco-warriors amongst us it can even simplify your plans and be more cost effective.




natural garden flowers

Think simple. Think sweet.

Garden flowers, perhaps picked fresh from a relatives garden gives a personal touch that no florist could ever attain. Use jam jars, pickle jars to show them off. Small tea lights (if your venue allows) in cheap glassware and all placed on a tile from a local shop, has a wonderful look of charm.




In or outdoors make the most of your space by lighting. You can use fairy lights (stolen from your Christmas decorations) but most home stores have a range of inexpensive lighting you can use.  Use some rope to hang from one side of the room to the other and thread fairy lights around and into jars that are hanging.

Or what about candles (again if your venue will allow), hang them in glass jars which you have been saving and storing or place in safe places where they are not likely to get knocked over easily.



hessian napkin

If white linen is not the look you want, then why not use hessian and natural materials which are the perfect accompaniment to our rustic wood tables and chairs.  And then teamed with garden flowers and candles they are perfect understated country chic.



cutlery hire

Ban plastic straws and disposables and hire reuseable crockery and cutlery instead from Adams Catering Hire. But if disposables are absolutely necessary then why not consider bamboo or biodegradeable alternatives.  Not only is hire a cheaper route than buying it is also much but eco friendly as the products are re-used and also you can have much more choice.



flower seed favours

Remember sugared almonds in little boxes or in tulle?  I do, but now looking at the garden theme what about these lovely little Flower Seed Favours by LauraAnn for all your guests. They can then plant and remember your special day.


Need more help?  Then why not call us on 020 8805 4537 or pop in to us in Enfield where you can have a look at your choices, we can help put together your quote and give some advice if you want.






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