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Let’s Help You Celebrate

Let’s Help You Celebrate

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It’s Party Time

Party Time


What better way to celebrate than having a party.  Friends, good food and an abundance of toast worthy drinks.

Cocktails, wine, beer, champagne and soft drinks are all part of the event and they all deserve their own style of glassware.

So, What Makes a Good Party

First of all it’s Friends, old and new and their friends too.  All coming together for one reason and thats to celebrate something, anything and nothing.

Then add in some food. This doesnt have to be fancy.  Nibbles and crisps can be fine (but let everyone know to eat before coming). But you can visit the local supermarket for something a bit more substantial like quiche, salad or canapes. Or, you can get in a caterer. But everyone is there to have a good time so don’t stress about the food too much.

Now, for the drinks. Everyone likes a glass of fizz to start off the evening but then proceed to their favourite being beer, cocktails, wines or spirits. But don’t forget that not everyone drinks alcohol and you may also have some who want to drive home or have arrangements for the next day, so make sure you have soft drinks available too. If you don’t have enough glasses these can easily and at a reasonable cost be hired in.

party time

Shetland cocktail glasses

Cocktails and Mocktails; do you know a Harvey Wallbanger from a Tom Collins, or a Pisco Sour from an Amaretto Sour and what ingredients to get for the bar?

Well, there are some great ideas and recipes on the internet and the best one I have seen, and use is The Bar  They have a wide choice of both to make.





And, when its all over


Time to get the cleaners in. After all, you went to all the trouble of organising and getting everything ready, the very least you deserve is to not have to hoover the carpets and if you hired in glasses then the catering hire company will come and collect the glasses and was them all up for you.

And, if you need any more information about our Company, Adams Catering Hire, call us on 020 8805 4537 or visit our website

So why not book a day off and relax ……..

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