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Gorgeous Ways To Bring Your Pet To Your Wedding

Gorgeous Ways To Bring Your Pet To Your Wedding

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Don’t forget the other important members of your family when you get married

From dogs to cats they are part of your family and you may want them included in your special day and especially in the photos and here is a list of ways to include them.

Because, besides finding the perfect wedding dress and flowers, what can be nicer than having your favourite pal at your wedding and to share the day with you both.

More and more dog lovers are finding creative ways to include their dogs in their wedding celebrations and here are just a few ideas


What can beat a dog-turned-bestman in a dog tuxedo or even a dog-turned-bridesmaid in a frilly dress

wedding dogs

Dog groomsman


Have photos with you and your dog – the bond will show through in the amages and be a great reminder in years to come.

wedding dog


Good Luck Kiss Photo Shoot

Good luck kiss


Let them lead you down the aisle – literally

bring your pet to the wedding

Get a ‘Dog Pro‘ and film the wedding from your best friends view

doggie go pro


Save a Dance for you and your dog

bring your pet to the wedding


These are just some cute ways to bring all your family together on the best and most special day of your life.

After all, your dog is such an important part of your life. They bring their own special kind of magic with them and that is part of you both and you want to remember this day for the rest of your life.

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