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Hot Winter Wedding Ideas

Hot Winter Wedding Ideas

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Winter Wedding? It’s all about the details

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Winter wonderland, snowflakes and crystal are all part of the lovely winter wedding themes. But how to bring it into your winter wedding without looking cold and bleak?

Check out our list of great winter wedding ideas and inspiration.

Drip cakes

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Emilys Kitchen

This beautiful drip cake with its ultra chic look is by Emilys Kitchen in Chingford, East London and has all that is perfect for winter. Silver and white is the perfect combination and teamed with its lush buttercream topping. And this cake is vegan too so everyone can enjoy.

Velvet Accessories

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Avalon Cloaks

For luxury, why not add a velvet cloak. Reminiscent of days gone by and romantic too. And, not forgeting keeping out the chill of a winters day. Go for rich colours such as bottle green, royal blue or a deep red. This cloak is from Avaloncloaks and is available to order direct from them.  It’s so gorgeous and feels amazing.

But if this is too much for you, why not just add some velvet ribbon to the invites or to your flowers. velvet is such a luxurious fabric and so in keeping with a winter wedding.

China & Glass Hire

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Suzanne James Catering


With all the white around, why not jazz it up a bit with gold cutlery? Crisp white linen, sparkling crystal glasses, white china and gold cutlery gives a sophisticated and clean look.


winter wedding

Creative Weddings

This winter why not take your calligraphy well beyond the invitations? Using the latest technology, Creative Weddings & Events can inscribe names on glassware and even have the table names so you no longer have to go what is available, the choice is all yours.

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