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How To Organise The Very Best SURPRISE Party.

How to Organise the very best SURPRISE Party.

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Do you need to organise a surprise party but don’t know where to start?

Whether it’s your best friend’s birthday or your parents anniversary, pulling off a surprise party can be a fantastic way to celebrate any occasion and an exciting prospect for all involved.

A surprise party is a great way of showing them you care and want to celebrate their success and the part they play in your life! But before you pull out all the stops and pull back the curtain, here are some helpful tips for making the party an unforgettable success while keeping the secret.


Surprise Party

1.  Location, Location, Location

More so than other celebrations, the location of a surprise party is crucial to the  moment your special guest or guests arrive.

You will need to host your surprise party in a controlled environment in order to guarantee that they will show up without any suspicion. You will also need a ringer; someone who can casually coerce your special guest into accompanying them to the location.

The easiest spot for a surprise party to be hosted at would be at the host or another guest’s own home. In doing so, you are able to close off the party location to any unwanted visitors and supply your guests with their choice of hiding spots. Often, many opt for the surprise guest’s house themselves, but be warned—you may encounter an unpleasant ‘surprise’ yourself, should they decide to make a spontaneous pit stop at their house!

2. The Food

Let’s be honest, everyone wants food at a party. But if we’re still being honest, we must also admit that everyone has their own opinions when it comes to taste.

To ensure that everyone’s stomachs are satisfied, a great option for any surprise party is to hire a caterer. There are a lot of great catering companies out there and all will offer a variety of foods that should keep everyone happy. This can also release you to concentrate on the rest of the party

Whether you want finger food or a 5-course meal, the caterer can supply even the most meticulous of guests with an assortment of snacks.

3. The Theme

Décor sets the stage when it comes to a surprise party. It’s easy to include the usual trappings; streamers, balloons, and confetti. But make sure to centre the theme on your honoured guest. Is it a baby shower? Have a nappy tower. Is it an engagement party? Purchase a variety of bridal party favours, or a champagne tower to celebrate in style

The more personalized your decorating, the more touched the person of honour will feel and you will be forever remembered as a truly brilliant party host.

4. The Entertainment

After your guests have eaten, they will be looking for their next to-do. To refer back to point number one, location, you will need to get creative when thinking of ways to entertain your guests for the duration.

A controlled environment might limit you, but that doesn’t mean it has to be any less fun! Some ideas for entertainment could include portable karaoke, classic games such as Twister or giant-sized Jenga, and (if everyone is of suitable age) Cards Against Humanity. If you have enough room (and don’t live on the second floor!) another great option is a Dance Dance Revolution or Wii Sports contest. Some games never go out of style!

5. Keeping It Secret

In today’s age of technology, information travels fast, and sadly that includes surprise party plans.  One sure way of keeping it all under wraps is to go ‘old school’ and PHONE everyone or set up a WhatsApp (although keep your phone away from the recipient at all times)  A paper invitation, Facebook event, or even a text can always end up in the wrong hands and blow the whole thing wide open.


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